TIP #1

If you know you’ll need easy access to an item, store it at the front of your unit.

TIP #2

Create a center aisle for access to all items when packing your storage unit.

TIP #3

Use pallets
or skids to allow air flow around and under items, not directly on concrete floors.

TIP #4

To save space, remove legs and store tabletops and sofas on end.

TIP #5

Worried about old photographs curling over time? Place them between 2 pieces of cardboard and tape them together to keep them flat.

TIP #6

When it comes to storing items with small engines, drain the gasoline and oil.

TIP #7

Use common sense in conjunction with state law to determine what may be stored. Avoid storing firearms, illicit drugs or drugs paraphernalia, live animals, perishables, liquids, explosives, flammable liquids and fuels, toxic materials, or other similar items.

TIP #8

Prevent unnecessary wear and tear by covering mattresses and storing them flat on level surfaces.

TIP #9

A wardrobe box is a great vehicle for storing delicate textiles such as blankets, draperies, and dress clothes on the hanger.

TIP #10

When storing your items, high quality locks are key.

TIP #11

Place tables and dressers top-to-top to save space.

TIP #12

Bay leaves make an excellent natural insect repellent. Add bay leaves to boxes to ward off most household pests and insects!

TIP #13

When shopping around for a storage unit, carefully review the company’s policies and services. Does the company have convenient hours of service or offer insurance? While we do not offer insurance at Ole’s, we encourage all tenants to check if their homeowner’s insurance covers their tenancy.

TIP #14

Once you’ve vetted a storage company and are ready to move forward, review their contract carefully! You’re purchasing a valuable service, so it’s important that you feel confident and secure in your purchase agreement. A good company will also give you a full rundown of your purchase and make sure you have your information, keys, and codes to access your unit.

TIP #15

When getting ready to empty your unit and move out, make sure to let your rental company know. Formally closing out the relationship with your storage company is an important part of the self-storage rental process.


We offer various payment options for all of our tenants including check, credit card or money order. Tenants can either mail their payments to our P.O. Box address or drop it off at the main office. We offer convenient payment plans.


  • Minimum term is 1 month rental
  • Monthly rate due by 1st of each month with a 6 day grace period
  • Payments not received by the 7th of each month are subject to a service charge of $10.00. Payments not received by the 17th incur an additional $10 service charge. See contract for details.
  • The security deposit is $20, refundable upon move out provided unit is empty and clean. Advance notice of termination is required at least 7 days prior to move out. There is also a $5 non-refundable administration fee.
  • All rubbish must be removed from the unit and taken with the leasee.

Thank you for choosing Ole’s Mini Storage for your storage needs!


We offer clean and secure storage units.